A minor in Speech-Language Pathology provides a basic understanding of normal speech, language and hearing processes, as well as an introduction to the identification of speech and language disorders.

The minor serves as an adjunct to such programs as Education, Music Therapy, Pre-Physical Therapy, Recreation Therapy, Psychology, Communication and Pre-Health Profession Preparation.

Students must complete a minimum of 20 units with a Pacific minor grade point average of 2.0 in order to earn a minor in Speech-Language Pathology.

Minor Requirements  
SLPA 051 Introduction to Communication Disorders 3
SLPA 121 Speech and Language Development 3
SLPA 127 Audiology 3
SLPA 129 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech 3
SLPA 131 Phonetics 3


Electives - select two of the following:



SLPA 053

Sign Language I  

SLPA 123

Language Disorders I  

SLPA 125

Speech Sound Disorders I  

SLPA 137

Speech and Hearing Science  

SLPA 143

Multicultural Populations  

SLPA 145

Disorders of Fluency  

Note: 1) 12 of these units must be completed at the University of the Pacific. 2) Electives are chosen in consultation with a departmental advisor.